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I was very hesitant to go to a medium, worried that it wasn't real and that it was all about reading body language It was nothing like that. Nodira was amazing, she knew details that there is no way she could have picked up from research or body language. She was even able to pick up on personalities of spirits. I did a group reading with 8 members of my family, everyone of them walked away in amazement. It was like a huge weight was lifted off us to hear from our loved ones.

Nodira is an extremely accurate and gifted psychic who can help you with important issues in your life or anything else you would like to specifically explore.She has helped me many times with her natural intuitive abilities.

She is able to assess the situation at hand and offer insightful and informative advise. She is very kind and honest. She doesn't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear so that you prepare yourself for the future. I highly recommend her!


Nodira is a caring and accurate medium. I was very surprised at her accuracy and would reccommend her to those who really wish to communicate with those who have crossed over. She's a wonderful caring person and getting a reading from her is like visiting an old friend.

Kathi Tait

St.Cloud, FL

I have seen Nodira 3 times. On my first visit, she was 100% correct, even down to the point of naming names, not just guessing at them. She was telling me things that only I would know and never shared with anyone. Nodira is well worth every penny, I have gone back 3 times and will continue to see her as long as I can!

 Lorraine Mason

Orlando, FL

Mitchell Osborn

Amazing! I highly recommend a session with Nodira!

rhonda rosaNodira was AWESOME. She truly has a great gift-

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